Menu Monday: What’s on your plate?


I hope everyone had a great week! :) This week I tried out some fun stuff on Pinterest. If you aren’t on Pinterest, I highly recommend you getting on there! I get so many dinner ideas from there. I had my son Ethan sit with me and we poured through the recipes I had pinned on there and he picked out what we were eating for the week. I made up the above salad. I am just slightly obsessed with basalmic vinegar right now. I love the sour taste. I am weird, I know. I marinated my chicken in it and made us all salads. We love salads around here.


I found inspiration for our turkey meatball subs from weight watchers. I modified it a little bit and used provolone slices in it and made my own marinara sauce to put over it. It was so good and the kids even loved it. Win, win!


I found this garlic chicken while cruising pinterest. Mine doesn’t look as pretty as their picture but it was good! :) I will tell you a secret, this is my husband’s plate. I didn’t eat any of the potatoes. Since I am doing my turnaround challenge I just ate mine over spinach leaves with the green beans. :)



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  1. That garlic chicken looks good! Going to try it out!!

  2. Barb @ Frugal Local Kitchen says:

    I’m trying a new recipe from Pinterest this week! I have about 4 packages of beef shanks in the freezer. I’m trying a Braised Beef Shank recipe from Primal Palate. Hopefully, everyone likes it.

  3. The Garlic Chicken looks delish!

  4. Those dinners look delicious! I too love balsamic vinegar dressing; marinating the chicken in it first is a great idea!

  5. Sharon at Momof6 says:

    I too am in love with Balsamic Vinegar! It adds so much flavor to a dish- without any fat- so it’s a go-to ingredient for me! Sorry I’ve not been linking up lately… but I am back now! :)

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