Week 8: One Bite at a time: Streamline your mail

Good morning! I can’t wait to share this year long project with you! I am so excited for this, mainly because I am organizing my entire life this year. 2013 is going to be about organization and getting my life on track in EVERY area. I am going to eliminate so much stress in my life and feel so much better about how effective I am as a wife to Dusty, a Mom to my kids and the type of friend to others that I want to be. I am going to take back simplicity and be intentional in everything that I do. I am going to have so much more fun with my kids while being the BEST Mom that I can be.

Will you join me? Do you crave this simple and intentional lifestyle too? Let’s do it! Start by purchasing your own e-copy of One Bite at a Time HERE. If you are joining in late, don’t worry about it! Just jump in! Also, let me know if you are participating! I would love to help feature you! Lets be as supportive and inspiring to other Mom’s out there who want to take charge of their life in 2013!


Today on One Bite at a Time we are talking about Streamlining your mail. This is what a days worth of mail generally looks like for me. Isn’t that awful? Times that by 6 and that is a lot of paper clutter to keep up with! And I don’t want to have to spend my time on clutter when I could be spending my time the way I want to spend it. So now its time to show you how I combat this!

Tsh Oxenreider, the author of One Bite at a Time recommends, “Keep a recycling bin along your path between the mailbox and door, and toss all junk mail there, before going inside.” And that is just what we do. In the summer that is! :)


In the winter it becomes kindling for our fireplace. I try to keep ALL paper clutter in our house cleaned out. It just feels so much better.


I blogged HERE and HERE about how we save money with our fireplace. So it’s a win win! Saving money and eliminating clutter! :)

And all of that clutter up there? Not one thing out of that pile needed saved. It was all junk. And the reason for that is that I do all of my bill paying online except for one and I can’t figure that one out. But I love having paperless billing and paying online. No messing with stamps, filling out envelopes, etc.

Tsh also mentions in her book, “Researchers have found it’s more likely a thief will lift financial information from your mailbox than from your computer.” That makes me happy that I do most of my  billing online!

I also try to make sure we are checking our mail daily. This way we aren’t getting overwhelmed with the paper clutter.

How about you? How do you streamline your mail?

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  1. A combination of the shredder, binders & folders is how we try to keep things sane with the mail. I am tackling clutter in my home this year as well. Just finished implementing a toy organizing project for my little girl. It feel’s so goo. Thanks for sharing Erin!

  2. We seriously need to do something like this with our mail. I get so tired of all of the paper piling up.

  3. Laura@live-love-scrap says:

    I get on a good streak of staying on top of my mail pile, then inevitably, I miss a day. That’s when I seem to let it pile up again. Love the idea of sorting through you mail on the way to the house. Appreciate this post!

  4. Things just FEEL better too, when there’s not any clutter.

    Visiting today from Thursday’s Favorite Things.

  5. Michelle @ Thrifty 101 says:

    I LOVE de-clutter tips! Thanks for linking up at DIY Thrifty 101, you’ve been featured! Stop by this week and grab an “I was featured” button! :)
    Michelle @ http://www.thrifty101.blogspot.com

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