Out with the Old-In with the New Dishwasher


Is it possible to hate something so much that you want to take a sledgehammer to it? I know some people might say hate is a strong word. I disagree. If there was a word stronger than hate, I would go with that. There is a dishwasher out there similar to this one right here. I hate it. It is a piece … [continue]

Getting Healthy For Mexico


I’m freaking out a little bit. I put some weight back on. I’m really sad about that. But it is what it is. And if I shared every obstacle that has been in my way for the past few months you might understand. Maybe. But I think everyone has obstacles. And now I am going […]


Daddy-Daughter Date


When we went to Long Beach, California last month my husband planned a special Daddy-Daughter date with Audrey. Of course there was dancing. My girl loves dancing. And she thinks her Daddy hung the moon, so dancing with Daddy is the best. Audrey picked out a new “fancy” dress at TJ Max with Mommy. Then […]


Long Beach, California


Last month we got to go on a trip for our Shaklee business and take our little Audrey with us. And she was VERY excited to go on her very first “hairplane” ride. We went to Long Beach, California for our annual Shakleee Global Conference. To say it was beautiful and fun would be an […]


Popcorn Ceiling Removal


I have a problem. I am a picker. I love to scrape things, pick things. It’s really a problem. Sometimes I will lay with my kids playing and stare up at our popcorn celings and DREAM about scraping these ceilings. What? Normal people don’t do this? Our last home we built in 2006 and we […]


How to use a Fitbit


Hey guys! Today I am going to show you one of my most favorite gadgets ever. And I am not really a gadgets person. And I am in NO way getting compensated to tell you any of this. I just really love my fitbit and I want to share how it works with you. Fall […]


My Dream Board


Recently when I went on a trip I challenged some of my Shaklee team to make a dream board. I really believe that when you put things visually in front of you, it helps you to see them and sub-consciously work towards your goals and dreams. And it works! 2 years ago I had a […]


Master Bathroom Re-Do Part 1


Have you ever started a house project and felt like it just opened up an entire can of worms? It all started with me feeling like I needed to finally tackle some of my projects that have been bothering me. I have some house projects that just stare at me everyday and finally I just […]


Daily Walk #walktember


Lately I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed in every single area of my life. And when my schedule and my life gets overwhelming, usually working out is the first thing to go. And it really should be the first priority. Working out is such a de-stresser for me. And beginning to work out after taking a […]


Shaklee Road Trip!


I don’t have to travel for my Shaklee business but I choose to, and I LOVE to! I love our Shaklee team and sometimes this Momma needs a break. What a great way to get a break by a little bit of Shaklee work and a whole lotta fun and laughs! One of my business […]