How to Compost


I am overly excited about this. My husband has declared me INSANE to be this excited over a compost bin. Why am I so excited? I don't know. I have always loved compost bins. Weird, I know. I still look outside my window and it makes me happy seeing it out in the yard. She's my little compost … [continue]

An Audrey Milestone

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We had a very special day planned for Miss Audrey. I wanted to pierce her ears when she was a baby. But her Daddy wanted to wait. He wanted her to be able to decide if she wanted her ears pierced or not so we waited. She has been asking for a few years now […]


Triathlon Training for a Busy Mom


Hey everyone! I wanted to give you a triathlon update. But first, I wanted to share something too. I am human. I really am. I am not a 100% healthy person. But I can tell you this, the person I was 4 years ago and the person I am now is completely better. I ate […]


Happy 5th Birthday Audrey!


My little love went and turned 5! I love her so much! How could you resist that sweet little face? She wanted a Frozen themed party. I bought plates and stuff at the dollar tree and a friend let me borrow all of her beautiful paper snow flakes. Who doesn’t love snow in June? We […]


My New Goal

triathlon training

Last week I did the unthinkable. I registered for my first triathlon in August. In just a few months. What possessed me? I am not even sure. I wanted something to train for. I wanted something to work for. I want to get strong. I want my kids to see me work hard for something […]


Shop Happy: Go Further with Fuel Points

Do you shop at Dillons? I thought this video was so cute! Fun fact: My husband’s first job was at Dillons when he was 15. And now he fixes their computers in all of their stores. I love using our fuel points to save on gas. Do you use Dillons fuel saver points? One time […]


DIY Sharpie Mugs and a tea party


Last weekend we had a fun tea party at my house! I don’t do very many parties. I did a 31 party once and now a tea party. Both were SO fun! I made some very unhealthy cupcakes and put some strawberries on them. Because everything is fancier with berries, right? haha My friend Priscilla […]


Get Clean with Shaklee and FREE Starbucks! :)


  I know, you are probably thinking, “why Shaklee?” What makes ┬áthese products so great? For me, the answer is…they work. They are safe for my family. I don’t have to worry about us getting sick or cancer. I don’t have to worry about a chemical spill hurting anyone. I trust them. And it is […]


Apple Cinnamon Smoothie


I love making smoothies for breakfast for my family! This smoothie is one that we make frequently! It is easy and is so yummy! You can even mix the fruit up ahead of time in a freezer ziplock to throw in the blender fast. Apple Cinnamon Smoothie 1 apple chopped and un-peeled 1 frozen banana […]


Spring Cleaning Audrey’s Room


Welcome back to our spring cleaning! Little girl’s rooms are like magnets for clutter I think. And I have learned that no one in my family functions very good in clutter. We like things simplified. I did a major purge in Audrey’s room. Not only did it get deep cleaned but it got thinned out […]